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"Deep in the heart of Texas"

About Austin Mesquite Works

For years, Stan Austin has been hand crafting an array of high-quality mesquite furniture, primarily rocking chairs. His furniture has gained wide acclaim for its unmatched beauty, style, and comfort. It all starts and ends in the heart of Texas.

Stan and his wife, Karen, live and work the land in West Texas. So how did this long-time farming and ranching couple become one of the most sought after furniture makers in the region? They credit that to their daughter, Lyndi and their granddaughter, Rylee. “When we found out our daughter was going to bless us with our first grandchild, I wanted to give her a gift of love. I thought it would be special to make a rocker for our granddaughter that would last a lifetime. I created so many patterns, molds, and forms that I knew I wasn’t going to wind up building just one”, said Stan. After eight months of hard work, Stan completed the very first Austin Mesquite Works rocking chair. He knew, at that point, that he had created more than a piece of furniture, he had created an heirloom.

After a period of trial and error, the happy farming couple from Farwell, Texas perfected their process. Now, you’ll find their furniture on display in homes all across the country. Owners of Austin Mesquite Works furniture agree, the style, the elegance, and the comfort of this hand-made rustic furniture truly can’t be beat.