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"Several years ago, at the San Angelo Mesquite Wood Festival, I tried rocking chairs made by five to seven different wood workers. Stan Austin’s rocking chair was the most comfortable. My custom-made-to-fit rocking chair from Stan is the most relaxing piece of furniture in which I have slept. Stan’s workmanship and guarantee cannot be beat!

Sincerely yours,

Van W. Carson"


The process of building our furniture begins and ends in Texas. We use only Texas Mesquite, but don’t be fooled; you can't just go to the lumber yard and buy it. Most of the trees that are harvested for our furniture come from small individual sawmill owners. We hand pick the most beautiful pieces and through quality craftsmanship, shape them into fine furniture.

When building your rocking chair, we strive to make it both beautiful and comfortable. In fact, Austin Mesquite Works rockers are known throughout the world for their beauty and comfort. One of the many things that make our chairs so unique and comfortable is our flexible back braces. Our chairs conform to fit your back adding unmatched comfort. We also carve and shape the seat and arms to fit your body perfectly. The front and back legs are set into the seat with Sam Maloof style joinery for ultimate stability. When the building of the chair is complete we use a hand rubbed natural oil finish, which finishes the wood from the inside out. This process brings out every detail of the wood grain, adding to the overall elegance of your rocking chair.

All of our furniture is made one piece at a time so that we can focus on every detail. We are committed to the highest quality in every piece and we are confident that you will love our furniture. At Austin Mesquite Works, we would be honored to build an heirloom for your family.


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