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"New Art in our home with the acquisition of Stan Austin's exquisitely crafted 5-foot long mesquite coffee table.....legs perfectly meshed with the top with a slight curve that invites one to enjoy rubbing a hand over it. To view the grain and color is a true art experience.

Vernon and Diana Ryan, San Angelo, Texas"



When you choose Austin Mesquite Works, your chair will be custom made to fit you. We can truly say, “No two chairs are exactly alike”, and we’re very proud of that. There are several measurements we use to assure a perfect fit and our carving process is designed to ensure that when you sit in your rocker, you will be wrapped in comfort.
Of course, we apply the same level of “attention to detail” when designing and hand crafting all of our fine furniture. The process always starts…with the wood.


mesquite wood planksStep 1: Austin MesquiteWorks uses only the finest Texas mesquite. You can’t find our wood at your local lumber yard.Most of the trees that are harvested for our furniture come from small individual sawmill owners. We hand pick the most beautiful pieces for use in our furniture.



Step 2: Once the mesquite is properly dried and aged, we begin the process of hand crafting a furniture piece. If we’re creating one of our world renowned rockers, we actually begin the process by taking measurements of the chairs owner. By doing this, we ensure the final heirloom is perfectly designed for ultimate comfort.



Step 3: Using the measurements we gather, we begin the arduous process of cutting, trimming, carving, and shaping the furniture. We painstakingly measure and work the wood to create the one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.




Step 4:
When assembling our furniture, we use hidden steel reinforcement and Sam Maloof joinery. The result is an unmatched level of stability and comfort.




Step 5:
All of our furniture is finished with natural oil that really brings out the beauty of the Texas mesquite. Our process includes a hand rubbed natural oil finish, which finishes the wood from the inside out. This process brings out every detail of the wood grain, adding to the overall elegance of your rocking chairs and hand made furniture.




Step 6: The final touches. We brand every piece of Austin Mesquite Works furniture with our personal brand. When you see this symbol, you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. For our rockers, we take it a step further. We sign and number every rocker we design. You’re not just buying furniture, you’re investing in an heirloom that will last forever.



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